2021-02-20 01:20:13

An 11-year-old boy died in an unheated Texas mobile home. Authorities suspect hypothermia.

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Even though he was still in bed after 2 p.m. on Tuesday under a pile of blankets in their unheated mobile home in Conroe, Texas, Maria Elisa Pineda wasn't concerned when she checked on her son. After all, Cristian Pavon, 11, was known for sleeping in, his mother told Univision. But when Pineda nudged the boy, Cristian did not respond to her touch. It was too late by then. Cristian was pronounced dead that afternoon, and authorities are investigating whether the otherwise healthy boy died of hypothermia after the family's home lost power over the weekend and temperatures in Conroe dipped to single digits earlier this week. "He was OK," Pineda told Univision. "I never imagined this could happen. We think it was because of the cold because he was doing well. He had dinner, played and he went to bed." Cristian is among the youngest to die since Sunday, when winter storms left millions without electricity and water. So far, at least 47 people have died in the frigid cold weather, a figure authorities say is likely to rise as freezing temperatures continue and future wellness checks reveal the full magnitude of the tragedy. At least 30 of those deaths came in Texas, The Washington Post reported, a state where continuous power outages have exposed residents to dangerously low temperatures. Some have died of carbon monoxide poisoning after turning to their ovens or trucks to stay warm. Others, like a 75-year-old man in Crosby, Texas,whose oxygen machine stopped working after his home lost power, have been found dead of hypothermia inside their homes or cars. Cristian, who was born in the coastal city of Tela, Honduras, came to Texas in 2019 to reunite with his mother, who he had not seen for over a year, Univision reported. On Monday, he saw snow for the first time after the...

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